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At Seacoast Composite Squadron we utilize a recruiting method called "Cohort Recruiting".  This enables us to provide the best experience for everyone involved.  

Each year we offer two open houses, one in February, and one in September.  After the open house, We require you to come back to a few meetings to answer any questions that you might have, allow you to see the squadron in action, and to make sure that Civil Air Patrol is really a program that you would like to do.  After this, you will join the program for a 5-8 week "Great Start Orientation" program with others who join at the same time as you.  This orientation will include everything that you need to earn your first promotion and integrate with the rest of the squadron as a fully functioning cadet.  The last day of the Orientation will be on one of our squadrons Promotion and awards program, and if all goes as planned, Orientation graduation certificates will be handed out, and cadets will receive their first promotions.

For the prospective cadets, this method may seem aggravating that you can not join at any time they want, however it has been proven to work.  When you join using this method, cadets start their training with a number of other young cadets so that you are able to engage and bond with others at your same stage of the program as you learn all the new things that Civil Air Patrol has to offer you.  This also enables the cadet staff to devote their time to teaching you so that you gain the knowledge to move forward as a cadet in whatever path your cadet career will take you.

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