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Aerospace Education

Civil Air Patrol Aerospace/STEM Education Programs bring over 40 free fun and engaging products and programs to our members in squadrons and classrooms throughout the nation. We serve adults and youth in pre-K through 12th grades. We reach 700,000 youth each year with our hands-on Aerospace/STEM lessons and materials.

Aerospace Education at Seacoast Composite Squadron focuses on STEM education and hands-on experiences. At Seacoast our cadets don't just sit in a stale classroom filled with lectures. We believe that cadets learn by designing, building and testing airfoils, rockets and more. We don't just talk about wind tunnels, we see them in action at the UNH Flow Physics Facility and then we designed and built our own, complete with Vernier test sensors to measure lift and drag on flight surfaces thanks to a grant from the AFA, ( Air Force Association).

In 2019 we started our Stellar Explorers program where we can model and follow the Apollo 11 moon mission, track the ISS and model our own satellite launch and communications capabilities through software provided by AGI systems Inc. We hope to compete at a national level in the coming year.

We are also embarking on our first entry into the National Rocketry Challenge where we hope to qualify and compete at the national level in Washington DC!


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